Featured Work

The early wireframes. Figuring out functionality:

Sketches and wireframes of the second iteration:

Early mockup of the page editing UI:

Final version of the page editing UI:

Click-through wireframes of the UI:

The account dashboard interface:

Prototype of the page editing interface:

The logo:

Four Things

  1. TurnClick is a lightweight personalization tool. The web interface allows users to enter any URL and instantly modify the page content. The modified page can be saved as a unique URL to be shared publicly, or it can replace the original page (if you have rights to the original site). Example: create multiple versions of a landing page with content tailored to a specific demographic (age, gender, location, interests), all without touching any code.
  2. One of the early lessons learned was the importance of providing users visual feedback after an action. Confirming that page edits have been saved automatically, for example. Or providing a suggestion to return to the account Dashboard after editing. Through rapid prototyping we were able to allow the entire team to walk through the experience and discover these feedback opportunities.
  3. As an app that provides editing capabilities for any public URL, we face the challenge of delivering a smooth experience when that public URL contains errors. We identified patterns that contribute to a broken experience, then created a series of fail-safes.
  4. I challenged the team to come up with 100 use cases for the app, for use in our marketing materials to demonstrate its versatility.

Ready, Set, Hello:

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