Featured Work

Hero treatment for the home page:

Parallax hero with multi-layered engraved textures:

Letterpressed business cards with edge painting:

Custom-built interactive marketing pricing calculator:

Custom-built display ad preview tool for clients:

Case study layout:

Contact page:

Early wordmark sketches:

Wordmark concepts:

Four Things

  1. Competing in an industry with increasingly automated digital marketing solutions, we opted for the human touch whenever possible. The logo and branding elements utilize organic forms and hand-drawn lines. We produced printed materials and tangible gifts regularly to remind our clients we value our human-to-human relationship.
  2. As consumers, it’s generally true that we are less interested in “what do you do” than “what do I get out of it”. We wrote copy in that context, and created tools such as an ad previewer and pricing calculator (a rare thing in the marketing realm) that allowed prospects and clients to understand the benefits from their own perspective.
  3. The cloudscapes were created using a composite of up to ten different clouds, in up to 30 different PSD layers, treated with a combination of filters and hand-drawn effects to create the engraved aesthetic.
  4. One version of the home page hero utilized seven image layers for a parallax effect as the user scrolled down. The effect was visually appealing and created a sense of “floating” through a cloudscape, but we ultimately simplified the effect to boost page speed and mobile compatibility.

Ready, Set, Hello:

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